Underwater Maui Trash the Dress with NV Maui Media


Our Maui wedding clients often ask us for ideas of something fun to do as a couple after their Maui wedding, for the adventurous couples, we recommend an underwater trash the dress session a few days post wedding. It’s such a fun and unforgettable way to capture a different type of session in your wedding attire and another unique way to show off the time you spent in Maui when you return back home. We recently connected our clients, Brianna & Joe, with NV Maui Media for a thrilling day out at sea! They paddled out on a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe courtesy of Blue Soul Maui until they found the perfect spot to dive in. They spent an hour in the water with the creative team at NV Maui Media and the results are below. Now all of us here at Maui’s Angels Weddings want to bring our significant others to do the same, such an amazing way to have fun and document your love in the beautiful waters of Maui! Please contact us for more information, we will be happy to schedule a session for you as well with this amazing team!

NV Maui Media is a husband and wife photography team that do a fantastic job of capturing breathtaking images on both land and sea. They create a safe and fun environment along with creating a true connection with every couple that they photograph. You can view more of their recent work on their website and Instagram

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Elegant Maui Beach Wedding at Ironwoods Beach


Heather and Kyle’s gorgeous Maui beach wedding took place on a perfect February day at the lovely Ironwoods Beach. Heather looked amazing as she was escorted down the aisle to her waiting groom on their private stretch of sand! She carried a bouquet by Sunya’s Flowers and they said their I Dos inside of a beautiful circle of flowers that complimented Heather’s bouquet perfectly by Andrea of Fabulous Florals Maui. Heather and Kyle were high school sweethearts and were together for 15 years before they wed in front of an intimate group of their closest family and friends. We were so honored to be a part of such a special day, thank you so much for choosing us as your Maui wedding planner! A big mahalo to Mike Adrian Photography for these breathtaking images of their big day! Congratulations to Heather and Kyle from all of us at Maui’s Angels Beach Weddings!!

maui-wedding-planner maui-beach-wedding-6 maui-beach-wedding-7 maui-beach-wedding-9 maui-beach-wedding-12 maui-beach-wedding-17 maui-beach-wedding-18 maui-beach-wedding-19 maui-beach-wedding-26 maui-beach-wedding-21 maui-beach-wedding-14 maui-beach-wedding-28 maui-wedding-planner-001 maui-beach-wedding-27 maui-beach-wedding-30 maui-beach-wedding-23 maui-beach-wedding-31 maui-beach-wedding-32

Intimate Morning Maui Beach Wedding


The time of day that you decide to get married here on the beautiful island of Maui can create such amazingly different photography backdrops! This gorgeous Maui beach wedding took place on a romantic morning for Jennifer, Nik and their two daughters. The bright blue colors of the ocean created a dramatic backdrop for photography, captured beautifully by Mariah Milan!

Jennifer and Nik chose our Beach Elegance Package and asked that their wedding be romantic, intimate and peaceful, and that is exactly how we would define their perfect day! With Tino Rosete officiating, a gorgeous bouquet in pastel shades of pink and a traditional Hawaiian lei exchange, their romantic Maui beach wedding was everything that they dreamed of and more!

We hope you enjoy viewing this amazing Maui beach wedding, and please let us know if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

Maui Wedding Planner: Maui’s Angels Beach Weddings

Photography: Mariah Milan Photography

Minister: Tino Rosete

Bouquet: Sunya’s Flowers

maui-beach-wedding-1 maui-beach-wedding-3 maui-beach-wedding-4 maui-beach-wedding-5 maui-beach-wedding-6 maui-beach-wedding-planner-1 maui-beach-wedding-9 maui-beach-wedding-12 maui-beach-wedding-13 maui-beach-wedding-planner-2 maui-beach-wedding-14 maui-beach-wedding-19 maui-beach-wedding-21 maui-beach-wedding-planner-3 maui-beach-wedding-22 maui-beach-wedding-24 maui-beach-wedding-planner-4 maui-beach-wedding-30 maui-beach-wedding-planner-6 maui-beach-wedding-32 maui-beach-wedding-planner-7 maui-beach-wedding-35 maui-beach-wedding-planner-8 maui-beach-wedding-planner-9