​​Dreams Do Come True. 03-03-17

A dream is a wish that your heart makes. Simply, a dream can drive you forward, motivate you, and keep you focused. A dream was what Jill and Richard Hill were hoping for, and it came true for them in Maui. 

Meeting years ago, it was clear to see that marriage was in the stars for Jill and Richard. Soon after they began dating though, Jill was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Faced with this hardship, Jill persevered and remained strong in her fight. There, unwavering and always by her side, was Richard. His love and support and Jill’s resiliency in the face of her illness served to strengthen their bond. Faced with what doctors explained was the end of her fight, Jill rallied, with her final dream being to marry her beloved Richard. 

Engaged on January 1, Jill applied to Dreams for Veterans, a foundation responsible for providing dreams to those who have served.  They were honored to assist Jill and Richard, and contacted Lorrie Betsill Nielson of Maui’s Angels. Happy to help, wedding plans began, and soon the excited couple were being whisked away to Maui from their home in Dallas, Oregon. 

Baby Beach in Lahaina provided the perfect spot for their romantic wedding. Waves softly lapping at the peaceful shoreline were accentuated by the touching music of Kani Masoe. Shiny, colossal palm leaves cascading over the brilliant blue waters completed the stunning scenery at this intimate beach. Jill chose roses for her special day. The bouquet and floral circle, designed in house by Maui’s Angels, included pinks and mauve with golden bursts. Jill was pampered by Maui Bridal Hair and Makeup, and was radiant as she made her way to Richard, who awaited her on the sands.

At sunset, Peter Dagupion officiated the ceremony, while Jill and Richard lovingly recited their vows. Mariah Milan Photography and One Motion Films graciously caught these intimate moments. The evening was poetic — with a resplendent sunset, beautiful vows, and a wonderful couple who are the epitome of love and devotion.

Marriage is the beginning of a journey for most couples. The bliss, the excitement, and the start of a life long adventure is what makes it so magical. Maui sunsets and pristine beaches lure couples from near and far to begin their adventures here. Jill and Richard’s journey was special,  celebrating the end of their journey together and one of Maui’s Angels most romantic. Life with love is the ultimate for many couples; but facing adversity can be a disheartening challenge. 

Jill and Richard have met their challenges with optimism, strength, and grace. Richard has provided a strong shoulder to lean on for Jill. Their love has been tested, their commitment to each other proven, and their Hawaiian wedding was a testament to their enduring dedication to one another. 

“Someday you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.” -Unknown

Jill and Richard, from everyone at Intimate Weddings Maui and Maui’s Angels, we thank you for your love story, for sharing your very special day with us, and for showing us just what is most important in life. Our hearts and prayers remain with you, and we wish you all the very best. 

Magic in Maui. 01-31-17

The majestic beaches, sparkling waters, and breathtaking sunsets of Maui bring loving couples from near and far to celebrate true Hawaiian aloha. Kevin and Alison not only shared in the breathtaking beaches for their special day, but experienced true fairytale-like romance as they made their way through Honolua Bay Forest.

Their intimate beach wedding began on a whimsical walk. Tropical and brilliant green, it provided an ethereal backdrop for the couple, who shared special moments along secluded paths before they wed. The rich greens of Maui forest surrounding the couple enhanced the soft colour palette Alison chose for her wedding day. Her bouquet included peonies and roses in soft shades of pink, white, and gold. Adding a few brilliant sprigs of bleeding hearts and dianthus, Sunya’s Flowers perfectly completed the florals with lamb’s ear and succulents.

Reaching Ironwoods beach, with its serene stretch of coastline and beautiful, jagged lava rock, Kevin and Alison were serenaded by the inspiring music of Kalani Miles. With just three guests, their nuptials defined the warmth, tranquility, and intimacy they had hoped for. The completion of their vows, officiated by Peter Dagupion, were sealed with a kiss, then Alison and Kevin stole a moment together on a quiet walk along the beach.

The island of Maui brought this happy couple to paradise from Ontario, Canada. Their breathtaking photos, captured by Caitlin Cathey Photography, make it easy to see why. From the whimsy of Honolua Bay Forest, to the privacy of Ironwoods beach, their day was completed with stunning scenery atop the lava rock that surrounded them. Waves crashing, a majestic sunset, and radiant natural beauty, Alison and Kevin truly had it all for their ​intimate beach ​wedding.

Congratulations from all of us at Intimate Weddings Maui!